The Go Getter Smoothie

Try the NEW plant-based smoothie and get it all in one sip! Delicious tropical flavor, vitamins A & C, and 3 servings of veggies.

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Try our toasty, protein-packed food that will warm you up during the chillier seasons. Perfect to pair with your favorite smoothie, bowl or iced beverage!


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Start your day with a bright and balanced iced gotcha matcha or icy bold ‘n cold brew topped with a dreamy house-made, plant-based sweet cloud whip.


The Go Getter Smoothie

Try The Go Getter smoothie for a tropical get away with delicious perks. Fruity flavors like mango with super foods like kale get together to create a lush, immunity boosting, plant-based smoothie.


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Explore healthy gluten & nut-free snacks and Organic Honest Tea(TM) or Smartwater(TM). They pair perfectly with your favorite smoothie or bowl anytime, anywhere.

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Fantastic flavor is always in season and nothing beats feeling your best. For over 25 years we’ve brought the right ingredients to create Whirl’d Famous flavor. Try some of our refreshing smoothies, bowls, juices or shots to help you fulfill your lifestyle. Find your nearest Jamba or order ahead to get started.

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