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Sign up is easy! So hurry in and enjoy a refreshed My Jamba Rewards and ordering experience that’s easier to use, easier to earn and easier to enjoy!

35 banana points = $3 off
$1 spent = banana points
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frequently asked questions

  • How can I access the new Jamba app?
  • The new Jamba app will be available to download on Google Play Store (Android) or Apple Store (iOs) starting June 27.
  • Do I have to sign up if I had the old app?
  • Yes, all users to the new app must ‘sign up’ first to migrate points. After initial sign up users can ‘log-in’ to use the app.
  • Do my Jamba Rewards points expire?
  • Your Rewards points have different expiration dates depending on what the Reward is. Expiration dates are listed with each Reward in your account. Choose any Reward you want to redeem, one per order.
  • Will I be able to keep my points on the new app?
  • Download the existing Jamba app and sign up (all users to new app must sign up to migrate points) and we’ll move over points for you to the new app app. Keep your points and your cool.
  • Will the Jamba rewards program change with the new app?
  • The Jamba Rewards program will not change. You will still be able to earn points the same way, and get the free exclusive offers and free birthday smoothie.
  • How do I use my Rewards to make a purchase using the Jamba Rewards app?
  • If you’re ordering online: On the check-out screen, you’ll see a list of any available Rewards. Just select the Reward you’d like to redeem before clicking “Next.” If you’re ordering in a Jamba store: When you place your order, ask your Jamba team member to redeem your chosen Reward.
  • Why should I hold on to my receipts from 6/24 to 6/26?
  • Jamba paused rewards from 6/24 to 6/26 to help migrate points accurately. You can still claim your reward starting 6/27 for up to a seven days after purchase by entering the receipt barcode online here.
  • Can I be part of the Jamba Rewards program even if I don’t have a smartphone?
  • Of course! You can join by signing up on jamba.com/rewards, then just track your Jamba Banana Points online.
  • If I join the new Rewards program, will I be able to keep my points from the previous program?
  • You absolutely can! Just download the new Jamba Rewards app and select Transfer My Points. We’ll make sure all your points in the previous program are moved to your account in the new app. Keep your points and your cool.
  • How are points calculated? Are there limits? The app shows a max of 35 points.
  • You get one (1) Banana Point for every dollar you spend, excluding gift card purchases. For every 35 points, you get $3.00 off, and the sky’s the limit...there’s no maximum on the total number of points you can earn.
  • I got a cash refund for a purchase I made with points. Will I get my points back?
  • Nope, sorry — you used points to pay and got cash back instead of points for the refund.
  • Can I use a BOGO offer if I am also using points to pay for my purchase?
  • You can only use one Reward per transaction, so you gotta choose — either take advantage of your BOGO offer or use your points to pay, but not both.
  • Do I earn Banana Points (Jamba’s reward program point system) when purchasing/reloading or redeeming gift cards?
  • Banana Points are earned when a gift card is redeemed, not purchased or reloaded.
  • Can I redeem my Banana Points at any Jamba location?
  • Not all Jamba stores are able to honor Jamba Rewards points. Some nontraditional stores — like those in malls, airports/train stations and colleges/universities may not be able to redeem your points at this time.
  • I need to enter info from a store receipt into the app so I can get my Rewards points. How long do I have to do that?
  • You’ve got a week. Be sure you input your purchase information within seven days of the date on the receipt to claim your points.
  • Who qualifies to receive the free birthday smoothie?
  • My Jamba Rewards members who spent $15+ in Jamba orders captured in their rewards account qualify to receive the free birthday smoothie.

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