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  • Question: How can I join the Jamba Rewards program?
  • >Answer: Download the Jamba app on Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and sign up to create an account. Or, join on!

    Apple store, opens in new tab   Google play store, opens in new tab
  • Question: I’m already a Jamba Rewards member, do I need to enroll in the new Rewards program? What happens to my Rewards/Points?
  • >Answer: No, you do not need to re-enroll in the new program. Existing Jamba Rewards members will automatically be enrolled in the new program. $3 Off Rewards earned under the previous program will be rolled over, and Points accrued will roll over in line with the new Program- 1 Point under the old Program will be 10 Points under the new Program.
  • Question: How does the new Jamba Rewards Program work?
  • >Answer: Under the new Jamba Rewards program every $1 spent (excluding gift cards, taxes, and fees) through their Jamba Rewards Account earns Members (our JamFam!) 10 Points. JamFam Members can use their Points to redeem Jamba products starting at 250 points (“Points Rewards”). Additionally, JamFam Members can earn JamFam Gold Status. JamFam Gold Status Members earn 12 Points for every $1 spent on Jamba products (excluding gift cards, taxes, and fees) through their Jamba Rewards Account.
  • Question: How do I reach JamFam Gold status?
  • >Answer: JamFam members who earn 1,200 Points from January 1st to December 31st in one year will earn JamFam Gold status for that year and the following year. For example, if from January 1, 2023 to November 10, 2023, you have earned 1,000 Points through your My Jamba Rewards Account and you earn 200 more Points on November 11, 2023 you will have JamFam Gold Status through December 31, 2024.
  • Question: Does my JamFam Gold status expire?
  • >Answer: Yes, JamFam Gold Status expires if you do not earn 1,200 Points from January 1st to December 31st in one year. See previous questions for example.
  • Question: Do my Jamba Points expire?
  • >Answer: Yes, Points will expire if you do not make a Transaction via your Jamba Rewards Account for 12 months. A Transaction is defined as purchasing Jamba Products (excluding gift cards) via your Jamba Rewards Account.
  • Question: Who qualifies to earn the limited time Welcome Rewards?
  • >Answer: Only new members who sign up to join Jamba Rewards are eligible for the Welcome Rewards. Currently, we have two Welcome Rewards: (1) 50% Off Any Smoothie Reward (excludes add ons, substitutions, packs, taxes, and fees), and (2) a second visit 50% Off a Food Item (excludes bowls, add-ons, substitutions, packs, grab n go, taxes, and fees). The offers are single use, with expiration dates, are at participating locations only, not valid with any other offer or reward, or third-party delivery. Service fee applies to online, in app, and certain call-in orders, other fees and taxes may apply for all orders; see checkout for details.
  • Question: Who qualifies to receive a Birthday Small Smoothie Reward?
  • >Answer: JamFam Members who spend $10 in Jamba products (excluding gift cards, taxes, and fees) over the previous 12 months qualify to receive a free Birthday Small Smoothie Reward. Birthday Reward is for one Small Smoothie (excluding add ons, substitutions, taxes and fees) subject to an expiration date, is valid at participating locations only, not valid with any other offer or reward, or third-party delivery. Service Fee applies to online, in app, and certain call-in orders, other fees and taxes may apply for all orders; see checkout for details.
  • Question: How do I redeem my Points for Points Rewards when using the new Jamba Rewards program?
  • >Answer: You may only redeem Points Rewards for which you have earned enough Points.

    If you’re ordering online/ in app: On the check-out screen, you’ll see a list of Points Rewards. Just select the Points Reward you’d like to redeem before clicking “Next.” 

    If you’re ordering in a Jamba store: When you place your order, ask your Jamba team member to redeem your Reward Points towards your Points Reward, you will either have to provide your QR code or your phone number.
  • Question: Can I be part of the Jamba Rewards program even if I don’t have a smartphone?
  • >Answer: Of course! You can join by signing up on, then just track your Points online.
  • Question: I got a cash refund for a purchase I made with Points. Will I get my Points back?
  • >Answer: No, sorry — you used Points to pay and got cash back instead of Points for the refund.
  • Question: Can I use a Reward offer if I am also using Points to pay for my purchase?
  • >Answer: You can only use one Reward per transaction. For example, if you have a BOGO Small Smoothie offer and enough Points to redeem for a Small Smoothie Points Reward you can either use the BOGO Offer or the Points but not both.
  • Question: Do I earn Points through the Jamba Rewards Program when purchasing/reloading or redeeming gift cards?
  • >Answer: Points are earned when a gift card is redeemed, not purchased or reloaded.
  • Question: Can I redeem my Points at any Jamba location?
  • >Answer: Most Jamba stores are able to honor Points. However, some locations including non-traditional locations — like those in malls, airports/train stations and colleges/universities may not be able to redeem your Points at this time.
  • Question: I need to enter info from a store receipt into the Jamba App so I can get my Points. How long do I have to do that?
  • >Answer: You have one week from the date of purchase to enter your receipt. Be sure you input your purchase information within seven days of the date on the receipt to claim your Points.
  • Question: Is there a limit on how many Points I keep in my account?
  • >Answer: No there is no limit on how many Points are accrued in your account. Just keep in mind that you can only use one Reward per transaction and that Points expire after 12 months if no Transactions are made. A Transaction is defined as purchasing Jamba Products (excluding gift cards) via your Jamba Rewards Account.
  • Question: Does Jamba deliver?
  • >Answer: We provide delivery through our delivery partners, such as Postmates and DoorDash. Availability and participation vary by market so please check your local store page for delivery options. Find a Jamba location that delivers.
  • Question: Is Jamba vegan? Are there vegan options?
  • >Answer: You’ll find plenty of vegan, plant-based menu items to blend into your whirl’d. Look for items marked with a leaf on our menu in-store or have vegan listed under "dietary options"—those are our plant-based products. We have a variety of smoothie, juice and bowl options that are all vegan. Additionally, you can always customize with our curated selection of vegan ingredients – such as bananas, unsweetened almondmilk, or soymilk – to any of our smoothies or bowls to make an item vegan.
  • Question: What blender does Jamba use?
  • >Answer: You’ll likely find a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender in your local Jamba store.
  • Question: Are Jamba drinks made with dairy?
  • >Answer: Some of our drinks have dairy, notably in our Classic Smoothies and whey protein boosted products. We also have a variety of non-dairy alternatives such as unsweetened almondmilk, vanilla coconutmilk and of course Juices. Enjoy your favorite smoothie, with or without dairy.
  • Question: How can I make Jamba smoothies at home?
  • >Answer: We have just the thing to help with this! Check out our Grocery section to find a smoothie kit in a retailer near you!
  • Question: How does Jamba fundraising work?
  • >Answer: Jamba is proud to support our communities and is committed to having a positive impact. We love supporting local charitable organizations, schools, sports and other initiatives through our fundraising program. Please speak to a team member at your local store for more information.
  • Question: Is Jamba a franchise?
  • >Answer: Yes, we are a franchise family! Interested in joining? Please visit our Franchise site in order to inquire about franchising opportunities.
  • Question: Can I customize my order?
  • >Answer: We’re all about helping you make your order your own. Customize by adding, eliminating or substituting any item when you order...
    • Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
    • Bases & Juices
    • Sherbet
    • Whole Food Boosts
    • Vitamins & Protein Boosts
  • Question: Do I have to have the app to redeem my BOGO fundraising card? How do I redeem it in the app?
  • >Answer: You will need to have the Jamba app in order to redeem your BOGO fundraising cards. There are two easy steps to unlock a BOGO Reward card in the app: Enter the reward code printed on the back of the BOGO card into the app 6 BOGO rewards will unlock, one per day for the first six days Once the card is loaded into your Jamba Rewards account, you can redeem your BOGO offer in-store (the Jamba team member will scan the QR code showing on the app) or online.
  • Question: Will the new Jamba app work on all my devices?
  • >Answer: We’ve pretty much got you covered. The new Jamba app is compatible with all IOS devices version 11.0++ and most Android devices. Check out the lists below:
    • Samsung Galaxy S8+, 7.0
    • Samsung Galaxy J7, 8.1.0
    • Samsung Galaxy J3, 8.0.0
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8.1.0
    • iPhone X, 11.4.1
    • iPhone 8, 12.1.2
    • iPad, 12.0
  • Question: How do I change my Jamba Rewards password?
  • >Answer: Resetting your password is super-easy. Just click here and we’ll send you an email that walks you through the process step-by-step. You’ll be up and running fast.
  • Question: Does Jamba have a drive-thru?
  • >Answer: Jamba has drive-thrus in some areas, but not all. Stay tuned – we may be opening more near you soon!
  • Question: What size drinks are available at Jamba?
  • >Answer: Our kids’ size is 10oz, small is 16oz, medium is 22oz, large is 28oz.
  • Question: Does Jamba accept Apple Pay and Google Pay?
  • >Answer: Currently Apple Pay and Google Pay are not supported. We're working to bring this option to our guests very soon.
  • Question: Does Jamba sell gift cards?
  • >Answer: Yes. Jamba offers eGift , traditional (physical) and bulk gift cards. Learn more about Jamba's gift cards.

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