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  • Question: Does Jamba deliver?
  • >Answer: We provide delivery through our delivery partners, such as Postmates and DoorDash. Availability and participation vary by market so please check your local store page for delivery options. Find a Jamba location that delivers.
  • Question: Is Jamba vegan? Are there vegan options?
  • >Answer: You’ll find plenty of vegan, plant-based menu items to blend into your whirl’d. Look for items marked with a leaf on our menu in-store or have vegan listed under "dietary options"—those are our plant-based products. We have a variety of smoothie, juice and bowl options that are all vegan. Additionally, you can always customize with our curated selection of vegan ingredients – such as bananas, unsweetened almondmilk, or soymilk – to any of our smoothies or bowls to make an item vegan.
  • Question: Does Jamba give free drinks on your birthday?
  • >Answer: A free birthday smoothie is just one of many perks for members of our rewards program.
  • Question: What blender does Jamba use?
  • >Answer: You’ll likely find a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender in your local Jamba store.
  • Question: Are Jamba drinks made with dairy?
  • >Answer: Some of our drinks have dairy, notably in our Classic Smoothies and whey protein boosted products. We also have a variety of non-dairy alternatives such as unsweetened almondmilk, vanilla coconutmilk and of course Juices. Enjoy your favorite smoothie, with or without dairy.
  • Question: How can I make Jamba smoothies at home?
  • >Answer: We have just the thing to help with this! Check out our Grocery section to find a smoothie kit in a retailer near you!
  • Question: How does Jamba fundraising work?
  • >Answer: Jamba is proud to support our communities and is committed to having a positive impact. We love supporting local charitable organizations, schools, sports and other initiatives through our fundraising program. Please speak to a team member at your local store for more information.
  • Question: Is Jamba a franchise?
  • >Answer: Yes, we are a franchise family! Interested in joining? Please visit our Franchise site in order to inquire about franchising opportunities.
  • Question: Can I customize my order?
  • >Answer: We’re all about helping you make your order your own. Customize by adding, eliminating or substituting any item when you order...
    • Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
    • Bases & Juices
    • Sherbet
    • Whole Food Boosts
    • Vitamins & Protein Boosts
  • Question: Do I have to have the app to redeem my BOGO fundraising card? How do I redeem it in the app?
  • >Answer: You will need to have the Jamba app in order to redeem your BOGO fundraising cards. There are two easy steps to unlock a BOGO Reward card in the app: Enter the reward code printed on the back of the BOGO card into the app 6 BOGO rewards will unlock, one per day for the first six days Once the card is loaded into your Jamba Rewards account, you can redeem your BOGO offer in-store (the Jamba team member will scan the QR code showing on the app) or online.
  • Question: Will the new Jamba app work on all my devices?
  • >Answer: We’ve pretty much got you covered. The new Jamba app is compatible with all IOS devices version 11.0++ and most Android devices. Check out the lists below:
    • Samsung Galaxy S8+, 7.0
    • Samsung Galaxy J7, 8.1.0
    • Samsung Galaxy J3, 8.0.0
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab A, 8.1.0
    • iPhone X, 11.4.1
    • iPhone 8, 12.1.2
    • iPad, 12.0
  • Question: How do I change my Jamba Rewards password?
  • >Answer: Resetting your password is super-easy. Just click here and we’ll send you an email that walks you through the process step-by-step. You’ll be up and running fast.
  • Question: Does Jamba have a drive-thru?
  • >Answer: Jamba has drive-thrus in some areas, but not all. Stay tuned – we may be opening more near you soon!
  • Question: What size drinks are available at Jamba?
  • >Answer: Our kids’ size is 10oz, small is 16oz, medium is 22oz, large is 28oz.
  • Question: Does Jamba accept Apple Pay and Google Pay?
  • >Answer: Currently Apple Pay and Google Pay are not supported. We're working to bring this option to our guests very soon.
  • Question: Does Jamba sell gift cards?
  • >Answer: Yes. Jamba offers eGift , traditional (physical) and bulk gift cards. Learn more about Jamba's gift cards.
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